Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 77

Tonight we had friends over and we ended the evening in prayer and as they prayed the only thing I kept praying was thank you Jesus.

Thank you Lord for the gratitude I feel welling up in my soul. I am eternally grateful to you for this life. Thank you Lord for the relationships you've brought to me this past year. For defining and healing relationships in my family. Thank you Lord for my sweet Brian who loves me no matter what. For my family who even though they may not understand me - they love me. Thank you Lord for using my girls, Ty, Julia, Judy, LaRae, Tammy, Amy, Jason, and Bethany to help me learn how to build relationships. Thank you lord for helping me build true relationships and for showing me it's ok to be authentic and transparent and to not live in fear in shame. I was not meant to live life alone, isolated in fear of what someone may think. Life is about relationships.

Thank you Lord for Kathy and healing her from cancer. I am just astounded when I think of the doctors report that her her stage 4 cancer is gone from her spine and lungs and smaller on her live. PRAISE THE LORD.

Thank you Lord for Matt Chandler. The joy of the Lord is truly his strength. I want that Lord. It's not a gift especially for him. I can live in that joy as well. I do pray for his healing and his family and that you would sustain them with peace.

Thank you Lord for this life - including the trials. Thank you for helping me persevere and fight and push back the darkness. Help me continue to engage and push back the darkness that fights to take over in my own life and in the lives of those around me.

Today's Reflection: I love you lord. Thank you for this life. For your deliverance and your healing and for complete wholeness. I am only here for you.


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